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Project Bang Wallpaper Plus Description
Bang Wallpaper Plus downloads the latest bing® wallpaper automatically at startup. The download is then presented as your desktop wallpaper.

Bang Wallpaper Plus features

  • Impressive wallpapers from bing®
  • Wallpaper annotation including host info
  • Runs without admin privileges
  • Installs without admin privileges
  • Runs at startup
  • Works with proxies
  • Tried and tested on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

It is safe to say that the search engine bing® presents impressive wallpapers. The object of Bang Wallpaper Plus is to make wallpapers from the search engine bing® available on the desktop. Bang Wallpaper Plus automatically downloads the latest bing® wallpaper. The download takes place generally at machine startup. Bang Wallpaper Plus typically runs every morning as your computer starts. After download, the fresh desktop wallpaper gets installed on the desktop.

Bang Wallpaper Plus handles download and installation in a fully transparent manner. Bang Wallpaper Plus is coded in Powershell®. Powershell® code comes as a text file, so anyone can study and scrutinize code of Bang Wallpaper Plus. Implementation in Powershell® also means that a typical Windows® machine requires no additional binaries to run Bang Wallpaper Plus.

Generally employees these days no longer have admin privileges on their computers at work. Bang Wallpaper Plus allows installation and execution without admin privileges. There is thus no technical requirement to involve an admin on employees who want to benefit from Bang Wallpaper Plus. The package can be installed without calling a support hotline and also without enquiring an admin.

Bang Wallpaper Plus features wallpaper annotation. People may look at your desktop wallpaper and ask questions such as “what fish is that?”. To answer such questions, a brief description and copyright information are displayed on the right hand side of the wallpaper. The description and the copyright information are the same as on


A similar solution is available for linux and for Mac OSX® machines.

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